2009-03-12 / Ask Anna

Ask Anna

Dear Anna,

How has your New Year been going? Hope all is well. This year started out good for me and now everything seems to be slowly going down hill.

All except my educational advances, I got accepted to my second choice college.

The only problem is paying for it! Am I going to be able to pay for it at all?

That's a question that's always on my mind constantly bothering me. In high school I am always getting talked about and all my friends turned on me.

Do you see me finding better friends in college? Or reuniting with old ones?

The main thing I wanted to ask you about was my relationship.

You told my friend that this guy I am with is not good enough with me and that I can do a lot better but I have to realize my own self worth. Just 2 days ago we ended up getting into a big fight, we always argue about his life style. He lives in the fast lane, where as I try to stay sober and away from that way of life. I told him the truth and told him that I might be pregnant, he freaked out and I think that's why he decided to break up.

But I am hoping to God that I am not pregnant. I can't have a baby right now. I have so many plans for my future.

I won't ruin my plans will I? There is so much I want to know about my future. Will I achieve my goals?

Will I get to help the people? Will I make a difference? Will I go to college?

Can I pay for college?

Will I find a good guy that will love me for me?

I was also wondering about this guy that's in jail right now for murder.

He killed someone in my family. Will he get charged and do a lot of time?

I don't know if you could tell me the answers to these questions, but I truly do believe you have a gift. You told a woman things no one knew about her. And that is why I truly believe you have a gift.

Thank-you for what you do to help the people, and thank-you for your time. Any answers you may have for me are greatly appreciated. Thank-You

Wondering confused & broken hearted

Dear Wondering Confused and Broken Hearted:

You will be able to pay for college. Between a Pell Grant and loans you will be okay. I don't see you as pregnant right now, but please be careful and use protection or you will be.

I don't like to say someone is not good enough for you, but I will say he is not good for you.

You have too many differences to be compatable, and uniting with someone that has completly different values than you have creates nothing but a battle ground of misery.

You will have good friends in college. You will also develop two good friendships this year among your peers in high school.

You will be able to help others, like your dream showed you, but it is a journey to get there. You live through your heart, and that is what will lead you to a successful life.

The man that has been charged with murder will not get off easily. He will get sentenced to life, but things in the future could commute the sentence so he may become eliglble for parole in 15 to t20 years.

Good Luck to you.

Please keep your head up and don't forget to use protection.

If you fail to do that and end up pregnant, your life will not be over, but your goals will be delayed by five or so years.

Blessings to you.

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