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Dear Editor,

Would you please print the following: Open Letter to Mr. 'John Dunbar' aka Kevin Costner

Dear John,

Mr Costner I will address you with your movie characters name because I hope to find in you the same truly honourable and accountable man that you chose to portray. Yes, sure thing John Dunbar was saved by his native brothers and sisters form the hangman´s noose of the white people who stole our country and our land. The history and stereotyping of my people makes good money in Hollywood. Now I´m asking you to SAVE MY FAMILY. My name is Cleo Rouse and we met on the set of 'Dances with Wolves'. I have attached a photo to jog your memory and hope you will recognize me. In 'Dances with Wolves' you told the story of my people, my tribe. I was in your movie, a real life living breathing native woman and proud to be a part of your project. You took the liberty to tell the story of my people and you made over 270 million Dollars with 'Dances'. A lot of money. NOW I need your help. My Family needs your help and your voice. The Voice of John Dunbar who cares for and loves the Sioux People. I´m a proud Yankton Sioux and so are my four Cousins who have spent 20 years in federal prison for the lies of the South Dakota legal system. If we had money like you to afford the best lawyers my cousins would never have been convicted and my nieces never abducted and abused by a white foster and court system inspired to destroy my peoples culture and identity.

Twenty years ago when your movie told the story of my people´s past genocide my very own real life family was terribly wronged in the state of South Dakota. The whole system of the Justice Department of South Dakota has targeted, kidnapped, and used my cousins and relatives in a heinous scheme to get a sure conviction in any way possible. This is just another form of genocide. I am currently working with others to get freedom, and healing for the adult children that have been traumatized and effected by this horrible injustice. In South Dakota, there is so much racism and oppression of the Native People. Please watch our video 'we must not be silent'. Google Feather, Hubbeling Rouse or Freedom4Yankton4 for a wealth of information on youtube and social networking sites.

At this moment Attorney General Eric Holder has a condemning letter from federal attorney Dawn Worsley esq in his hands showing him clearly the facts of the judicial farce committed and furthered by the State of South Dakota against my family. IF IF IF we had money and media my four innocent cousins Jesse and Desmond Rouse, Garfield Feather and Russell Hubbeling would be exonerated in a heartbeat. You have the power and influence to be this Heartbeat. I want justice for my nieces whose lives have been destroyed for the career motives, greed and racism of the state of South Dakota.

As you must be well aware when it comes to other races of people of colour such as blacks, hispanics and muslims generous help from Hollywood is usually forthcoming. However Native Americans are routinely ignored by all faiths and all races. I hope you will join Marlon Brando and Robert Redford who have fought for native people. My families case is THE prime example of the systematic destruction of native people in the 21st century. Would you consider helping with a documentary?

I´m so convinced that you will help us that I will make sure that all of Indian Country will know what your response to us will be. I would like a response from Mr. Costner directly and I will be very upset if this letter is not received by him personally.

Mr. Costner be the man of courage and conviction whose movie character made you so much money and help a native sister in dire need. Find us a power house attorney and we can rewrite history in South Dakota.


Cleo Rouse

Sioux Falls, SD

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