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2013-09-05 / Voices

Rez Ramblings

Oglala Lakota

I am writing my column this week from the Badlands, it is a beautiful day to be Lakota. We are now past the Rosebud and Oglala fairs and we are looking at a great football season. I am excited because I heard Little Wound, Red Cloud, Pine Ridge won the their opening football games. Oh and the Thorpes will travel to Crusader Country on Friday. I believe it will be a great game due to the rivalry that has been going on for a long time. I remember playing basketball against the Crusaders and it seemed like our passion made the games intense and exciting. I always hope for Pine Ridge but I like to believe I have sportsmanship. Of course I plan to take some photos of this week’s game. I just want to say good luck to all the teams across the Pine Ridge and Rosebud.

We are moving into the future and for many people that brings great fear because of the unknown. I have been watching the different media outlets across the country coming out of the woodwork. Native News Network is a web based and does reach out to Native America. Oh and the latest is Native American Times is based in Oklahoma and will be a great National source of American Indian news across the land. I appreciate the Lakota Country Times as we are local and can write about local events and cover the news right here in Lakota Country. We as a people are filmed and written about more than any other tribe. We are at the forefront of the issues because of our land base and our population but I also believe it is because we have the Warrior Spirit. Our people have been in this area for Centuries and have thrived in a very difficult environment.

Our people have been through the storms and the tragic events of the past 200 years. We are learning to develop our Reservations. I remember our dump near Red Shirt Table, the plastic bags were blowing to the east and it was an eyesore. But now you can drive by almost forgetting there is a dump, this is because we are growing as a people and learning to live in a new era. Many people do not even realize we lack a tax base to cover the cost of proper trash disposal. On the Pine Ridge alone it is said 8 out of 10 people do not work and this

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