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OLC Set To Honor Graduates


Originally from Porcupine, Dr. Otakuye Conroy-Ben earned her Bachelors from Notre Dame then earned two Masters and a doctorate from Arizona University, currently she is an assistant professor at Arizona State University. Originally from Porcupine, Dr. Otakuye Conroy-Ben earned her Bachelors from Notre Dame then earned two Masters and a doctorate from Arizona University, currently she is an assistant professor at Arizona State University. THREE MILE CREEK - On Sunday, June 18, at 10am, Oglala Lakota College is set to honor 138 graduates with 149 degrees and certificates; four Masters degrees are to be presented, 54 Bachelors degrees, 76 associate degrees and 15 certificates.

“Let us take the time to remember our ancestors who persevered over so many attempts by the government to abolish the Lakota way of life. During the period from 1890 to 1920 many in the United States believed that the Indian was the ‘vanishing American.’ We proved them wrong then and we prove them wrong today,” stated Thomas Shortbull, OLC’s President. “OLC prepares students to understand the larger society as well as the customs and beliefs of the Lakota people. It is a great honor for me to award the diplomas and certificates to the graduates who like their ancestors persevered and overcame many obstacles to reach their goal of a college degree” added Shortbull.

Oglala Lakota College President Tom Short Bull Oglala Lakota College President Tom Short Bull In addition to hearing from OLC President Tom Shortbull, OST President Scott Weston and OLC Board Chair Dennis Brewer, Dr. Otakuye Conroy-Ben will be addressing the graduates. Dr. Conroy-Ben is a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, originally from Porcupine, she took some General courses from OLC before earning a BS in Chemistry from the University of Notre Dame; she earned a Masters in Analytical Chemistry, a MS in Environmental Engineering and a Doctorate in Environmental Engineering, all from Arizona University. Currently Dr. Conroy-Ben is an assistant professor at Arizona State University in the School of Sustainable Engineering and Built Environment.

The OLC Graduation Wacipi and Dance Contest gets underway with a grand entry Friday evening June 16 at 7pm, registration opens at 5pm on Friday and closes at noon on Saturday; Grand entries include Saturday at 1pm and 7pm and Sunday following the graduation. There will also be a 10K/5K run/walk on Saturday at 10am.

2017 OLC graduates include: MA in Lakota Leadership and Management Trivia Afraid of Lightning, Connie Corwitt, Deanna Gomez and Joan Lindstrom; BS in Business Administration/Accounting Donnette Bowman, Lonnie Brewer, Paula Hill- Taylor, Boyd Looks Twice, Michelle Patton, Bernadette Winters-Denny; BS in Business Administration/ Management Cassandra Big Crow, Ashley Elk Nation, Kylea Fisher, Brandon Hawk Eagle, Stanley Hawkins, Novlyn Janis, Monica Little, Marissa Moran, Avanelle No Braid; BA in Early Childhood Amelia Sazue, Jackie Hoffman; BS in K-8 Elementary Education Sarah Bross, Chelsi Brown, Kimberly Fish, Brice Hornbeck, Erin Taken Alive, Colby Weston; BS in English and Communication Studies Darin Janis, BS in Information Technology Neil Janis, Joni Tom, Jacey Twiss; BS in K-12 Lakota Studies Amandeline Ecoffey; BA in Lakota Studies Anita Black Bear, Elizabeth Black Elk, Jacqueline Eagle Heart, Edwina Fills the Pipe, Laci Hale, Arthur Hopkins, Larissa Little Moon, Julia Miller, Leola Quiver-Bear Runner! Sharon Swift Bird, Donna Talks, DeCora Testerman and Lenora Wassana ; BS in Natural Science Kyle White; Bachelor of Social Work Savannah Backward, Marcey Edwards, Marilee Hultgren, Alice Jack, Wendelin Janis, Angela Martinez, Delores Martinez, Michelle Obineche, Sunni Toczek, Mercy Washington and Alex Fire Thunder- Loeb; BA in Social Science Anne Lecompte;

AA in Early Childhood Karen Boltz, Miriam Hart, Allyson Morrison, Heather Peterson, Mary Steele, Nicole Swallow, Glenda Thunder Hawk, Elmarie Tobacco, Jessica Yellow Boy, Rosa Yellow Boy-Vocu and Moniek Yellow Hair; AA in Elementary Education Christy Bear Robe, John Charging Crow, Jaimie Her Many Horses, Sadia Malik and Lora Catches; AA in Lakota Studies Darlene Archambault, Barbara Basketfield, Alaetra Evans, Jaimie Little Eagle, Lucien Little White Man, Shung Waketah Looking Horse, Rick Red Blanket, Corey Stover, Whitney Two Bears and Janell Combellick; AA in Nursing Michelle Alcantar, Gina Arellano, Tricia Badmilk, Cori Barber, Thelma Big Crow, Cynthia Brown, April Rain Byerley, Violet Fast Horse, Kristina Iron Cloud, Alissa Lamont, Carmen Little Iron, Marque Little White Man, Frances LaRae Morgan, Gregory Salway, Brandy Wooden Knife, Tierney Kaylene Wright, Sarah Lynn Yellow Boy and Melina York; AA in Tribal Law Sharay Brewer, Robert Merrival, Jodie Plenty Wounds, Brittney Red Shirt, April Two Bulls, Tada Vargas, Erica Yellow Hair, Santana Young Man Afraid of His Horses and Mercedese Young Man; AAS in Automotive Technology Michael Bissonette and Llewellyn Running Hawk; AAS in Electrical Technology Aaron Exendine, Dayne Reddy and Mato Wells; AAS in General Construction George Archambault Jr., Clifton Coleman, John LaDeaux, Kase Lawrence, Cole Reddy, J’Den Shaving, Jeffrie Shaving, Michael Spider Jr., Bryce Valandra and Duane West; AAS in Office Software Application Inez White Hawk; AAS in Office Technology Kellie Iron Crow, Erika Kootswatewa and Jeremy Little Thunder.

Lakota Language Certificate Winfried Alessi- Narr, Kehala Diserly, Savannah Greseth, Maverick Grey Horse, Tamera Lile, Jeremiah Moreno, Henry Quick Bear, Avis Sharpfish- Blacksmith, Joyce Tallman, Stephanie Two Crow, Gloria Warrior and Tabor White Buffalo.

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