2017-06-15 / Headlines

Pourier Looks To Raise Money For Statue

BLACK ELK PEAK, S.D. (AP) — The bond between a famous writer and a Native American holy man has been celebrated with a commemorative hike.

The Rapid City Journal ( ) reports that a group of people with the John G. Neihardt State Historic Society in Bancroft, Nebraska, hiked Tuesday on Black Elk Peak with Myron Pourier, a descendant of holy man Black Elk.

Neihardt’s book “Black Elk Speaks” recounts Black Elk’s childhood story in which he had a vision of being transported to the top of the mountain. The book has sold hundreds of thousands of copies and serves as a window into Lakota Sioux history and spirituality.

Pourier says he hopes to raise money and get approval to place a statue of Black Elk at the beginning of the most popular trail to the peak.

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