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Local Honor 389 Graduates This Spring

Fallon Sorbel was the Valedictorian of her senior class at Pine Ridge high school, last weekend she decided to continue for a second year as the Red Feather Society Princess; this fall she will be attending Arizona University. Fallon Sorbel was the Valedictorian of her senior class at Pine Ridge high school, last weekend she decided to continue for a second year as the Red Feather Society Princess; this fall she will be attending Arizona University. MARTIN - Nine area high schools honored 389 graduates, some are headed to colleges and universities from one end of this country to the other, some will attend Oglala Lakota College or Western Dakota Vo-Tech while others plan to join the service and others will jump right into the workforce. There will be some who are still trying to figure out what’s next.

“For me, it was a goal, to be the valedictorian, I went back and looked at my freshman English notebooks and I stated back then, that being the Valedictorian was my goal,” said Fallon Sorbel who graduated at the top of her Pine Ridge class with a 4.0 GPA, “I’m going with my Plan B, I’m going to the University of Arizona this fall, I’m looking at majoring in psychology and participating in the ROTC program; when I graduate, I plan to go into the USMC. My Plan A was to go to West Point but even though I was nominated, I wasn’t selected.”

Going to high school was like being on Cloud 9, added Sorbel, i really enjoyed cross country and track and Jr ROTC, I advise new high school students to set goals and work for them, plan ahead and realize that you always have many options.

Taylor Christensen graduated from Little Wound back on May 19, she’s not done though, she qualified for the SD State High School Rodeo and will be competing this weekend in Barrel Racing in Belle Fouche.

“High school was comfortable for me, sure there were challenges but now I’m really looking forward to college and new challenges,” said Christensen who was the Valedictorian of her class and plans to go to Black Hills State University this fall, “being the top student in my class was a goal, for a while it was close but at the end my scores ended up higher, finished with a 3.98 GPA.”

Graduates from the nine area high schools include:

Bennett County(39)

Dwayne Bad Bear, Shane Boomer, Shakoya Claussen, Antwan Cottier, Tamika Cottier, Elwood Cuny, Les Cuny, Paul Cuny, Tonya Cuny, Colton Curry, Anna Danielson, Eliot DuBray, Nicole Goetzinger, Adam Hahn, Jocelyn Hellman, Kaitlyn Hellman( Salutatorian), Raymond Hernandez, Livia Hiland, Amanda Kurzenberger, Drake Laverack(Valedictorian), Johnathan Lends His Horse, Kallista Link, Myra Little Boy, Samantha Loomis, Courtney McDonnell, James Nelson, Karissa Rayhill, Elaina Red Shirt, Bertha Richards, Scottie Richards, Mary Risse, Will Risse, Tyler Ruff, Brad Sharp, Michael Steiger, Tyra Stricker, Kieran Takes War Bonnett, Charlotte Ward and John Waters.

Crazy Horse(12)

Halaina Bear Stops, Brianna Bettelyoun, George Dull Knife, Jayden Dull Knife, Mason Hawkins, Christine Long Soldier, Jesse May(Valedictorian), Hoksila Moves Camp, Leroy Wilcox Jr., Storm Wilcox, Dorothy Youngman and Kiana Zimiga(Salutatorian).

Little Wound(76)

Ty Apple, Dylan Ashley, Jon Bianas, Heidi Jumping Eagle-Black Bear, Michael Brave, Felicia Bull Bear, John Charging Crow III, Taylor Christiansen(Valedictorian), Arielle Clifford, Gunner Cross, Jacey Eagle Heart, Jasmine Fast Wolf, Lucus Fast Wolf, Ash Featherman, Tasina Featherman, Chantee Ferguson, William Flying Earth, Dawson Gourd, Kelly Grass, Wahinkpe Hacker, David Herman Jr., Nikki High Hawk, Rebecca Hunter, Chelsea Iron Crow, Jordan Iron Moccasin, Jordan Janis, Josephine Janis, Janay Jumping Eagle(Salutatorian), Alana Kills In Water, Kaylee Lamont, Wallace Little, Juanita Long Man, Joshua Macias, Gabrielle Marrufo, Genesis Means, Amiyah Jade Means, Melissa Mesteth, Sayvon Mesteth, Ethan Mills, Ira Mills, Utah No Neck, Raelynn Old Horse, Keene Charles Pretty Weasel, Aiden Quick Bear, Megan Quiver, Sage Red Feather, Arther Red Owl Jr., Kristina Red Owl, Shania Red Owl, Shay Red Owl, Ivan Reddest Jr., Kaylee Jo Reddest, Shayne Reddy, Michael Richards, Catalina Rodriguez, Carlos Romero Jr., Oyate Ta’ Olowan Rondeau, John Rondeau Jr., Dacey Mae Rowland, Triston Rowland, Ta’mya Running Hawk, Ethan Running Shield, Robert Shangreaux, Alisa Shot With Arrow, Duane Sierra, Reuben Stands, Aren Stars Come Out, Tarah Temple, Tasia Two Bulls, Shanteddy Two Eagle, Terri Dawn Vocu, Jewel West, James Whirlwind Horse Jr., Wayne Wowokiyaun Witt, Kiwiti Yellow Cloud and Saunders Young Bear.

Oelrichs (11)

Jordan Cortier, Raena Dawn Cross Dog, Dalton Crow, Mitchell Crow, Jesse Fast Wolf, Sadie Gorneau- Yankton, Montana Rose Harper( Salutatorian), Cody He Crow, Oceanna Jealous of Him, Courtney Peters(Valedictorian) and Marcel Swiftwater.

Pine Ridge(66)

Lorena American Horse, Kevin Apple, Frederick Bagola, Joseph Bagola, Christopher Benson, Breohnna Big Crow, Paul Bissonette Jr., Tessa Black Elk, Halona Brewer, Jordan Carlow, Dorian Clifford, Shyla Cottier, Kyle Ecoffey, Steven Feather Earring, Shyann Gray Grass, Aisha Helper, Colter Iron Cloud, Kevin Jack, Benjamin Janis, Terrell Janis, Aaliyah Janis Ramahy, Alex Jumping Eagle, John LaDeaux, Virgil Left Hand, Isabella Left Hand, Kyle Lone Hill, Tawny Long, Cody Martin, Angeliq McClung, Cole Mesteth, Randi Morrison, Cherestine Mousseau, Deanna Mousseau, Branse Novotny, Johnnie Pawnee Leggings, Joseph Pawnee Leggings, Brennden Pulliam, Sylvija Red Bear, Tierny Red Hawk, Alexandria Red Star, Stormy Red Wing, Braedon Rodriguez, Nikita Rodriguez, Mariah Romero, Joel Roubideaux, Destiny Short Bull, Cady Short Horn, Malena Sierra, Fallen Sorbel(Valedictorian), Jacob Sorbel, Jarred Spoonhunter, Wiyaka Stands, Selena Tobacco, Norman Two Bulls, Tia Two Bulls, Tanaya Two Bulls-Janis, Alan Wagner, Laura Waters, Terrance Waters, Amber Weller, Easton White Pipe, RoVela Wounded Horse, Antoine Yellow Cloud, Caterina Yellow Horse, Pam Yellow Horse and Mahpiya Youngman.

Red Cloud(42)

Casey Bear Robe, Kade Bettelyoun, Joseph Black Crow, Samaya Blacksmith, Mahpiya Bresino, Taylor Brooks, Stevie Cross Dog, Stephanie Emery, Kimimilawin Flying By-Fire Thunder, Wakinyan Forney, Marylin Frank, Will Garnier, Wayslynn Ghost Bear, Mackenzie Gibbons, Ramania Goings, Avery Grass, Tate Grimes, Alanna Holiday, Savannah Jacobs, Atiana Janis, Maioha Kingi, Cathlyn Knutson, Chanda Lays Bad, Mariah McGhee, Kasey Miller, Summer Montileaux, Chaylee Pourier, DaVeon Pourier, Conner Richards, Kiana Richards, Sidney Richards, Jacob Rosales, Marcus Ruff, James Sierra, Araceli Spotted Thunder, Angela Standing Bear, Almadon Swalley, Forrest Swallow, Jeff Twiss, Mia Twiss, Angelique White Eyes and Steven Wilson.

St. Francis(36)

Desmond Arcoren, Sunshine Arcoren, Lowell Bear Heels, Myron Bear Shirt, Manitula Brave, Alicia Clairmont, Jeremy Clairmont, Aston DeCory, Daniel Eagle Road, Wanahca Luta Fast Dog (Valedictorian), Ashley Four Horns, Jared Four Horns, Zane Hesse, Jacob Iron Shell, Amberee Janis, Brandi Krogman, Joe LaPointe, Brynne Larvie, Emalynne Larvie(Salutatorian), Riquie Leader Charge, Mark Long, Waniyetu Loves War, Kassandra McCloskey, Terry Murray, Thomas Molina, Devan Oliver, Trystan Oliver, Misun Red Bird, Casey Ross, Kaia Sharkey, Jenny Stead, Justin White Hat, Phyllis White Hat, Shane Witt, Thane Witt and Sadie Yellow Eyes.

Todd County(79)

Foster Cournoyer Hogan (Valedictorian), Jesse Allen, Julianna Bennett, Jay J Antoine Jr., Jeremy Ashike, Lilyann Bechen, Calise Bettelyoun, Travis Birdinground, Jeweleon Blue Thunder, Chandler Bordeaux, Selena Bordeaux, Alan- Mychal Boyd, Bailee Boyd, Cassidy Bullshows, Blake Burnette, Jahneva Cannaday, Jeffrey Castaway, Kaiden Chauncey, Philip Clairmont, Emanuel Crow Dog-Luxon, Katrina DeLucia, Loren Dragg Jr., Jacinta DuBray, Christen Emery, Carlee Olson, Amory, Prue(Salutatorian), Ashley Estrada, Alexandra Farmer, Jesse Farmer, Takisha Farmer, Weston Frazier, Asia Gilbertson, Skeet Grass Rope, Bren Michael Greene, Sidney Guerue, Talyn Guerue, Meghan Gunhammer, Arika Heinert, Joslin Heinert, Tristen Herman, Love Hill, Jaylene His Law, Lucas Iron Heart, Rachel Janis, Ashley Kaulay, Umpo Kills in Sight Jr., Amanda Kills Plenty, Kalion Knox, Madison Kornely, Irene Leading Fighter, Tyrell Long, Ryan Long Warrior, Mayce Low Dog, Jacob Moran, Daniel Morrison, Alana Murray-Jansen, William Neck, Zachary Prue, Kaylon Quigley, Darius Randall, Jess Reynolds, Katie Rogers, Shelby Rowland, Alana Running Crane, Triston Shaw, Stormy Sleeping Bear, Gavyn Spotted Tail, Latisha Stoneman, Travis Sun Bear, Justis Swalley, Lexie Swalley, Kyle Tinant. Ryan War Bonnett, Katelynn Wendell, Wesley Whirlwind Soldier, Keenan Witt, Dante Wright and Skyler Yellow Eagle.

White River(28)

Dustin Bechtold Jr., McKenzie Bechtold, Sidney Bechtold, Alvin Richard Bettelyoun Jr., Shaynee Bettelyoun, Casandra Colombe, Spencer Earll (Valedictorian), Lashay Fogg, Perry Fogg, Camren Folkers, Loren Goodshield, Tanner Haukaas, Nathaniel Huber, Arianna Brooke Lee, Danae Lema’s, Jarrod Marshall, Darren McDaniel, Jamie McGowan, Elijah Morrison, Justice Morrison, Ashton Olson, Maria Lynn Red Hawk-Perez, Candida Rooks, Jace Schmidt, Allyssa Sharp Butte, Tiffany Standing Bear, Morgan Taft(Salutatorian) and Morgan Venard.

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