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We Need Our Health


I was thinking about my column this week and I know people are exhausted from the Oglala Nation and Fair. I thought about the days, that become weeks, and the weeks become years and that is how life is lived. I have been gone for almost three years and not many changes except I am battling for my health. I have been dealing with allergies lately and I stopped taking my allergy pills and then I became full congestion. Now my ear is congested and I have a bit of vertigo happening but I am on a cold medicine and back to my allergy pills. Life is funny because I have never had allergies here but I talked a doctor friend and he told me he never had allergies in South America where he grew up. But he thought it is the trees because they are very old. Of course, I am battling grass and after they cut it I struggle. I know I do not belong on the east coast and hope to move west as soon as I can.

I am taking vitamins and saying my prayers, Hulk Hogan use to say that to the children and I did not listen to him. Now I take supplements with vitamins and a few other pills so I wished I would have listened to the Hulkster.

Life lessons can be missed if you are not aware of what is going on and I believe it is part of the plan of the Evil One to keep our people down. We have dealt with so many people who have left us early and it makes us struggle. I am committed to come back to health in the four areas of life I believe are vital to healthy relationships. Physical is the first one because you need a strong body. My doctor tells me I have a strong body but it needs to get stronger by exercise. Mental health is important because the creator gave us a mind to gain information so we need to back of the social media and read and watch things that help us to make our minds stronger. Emotions are important in helping us to deal with our issues and if you need to find a counselor than by all means see someone. Then the last of my four is spirituality because we need to find what we believe in. I hold to the teachings of Jesus because he speaks to my soul and spirit.

We need to eat healthy my doctor told us I need to eat 50 percent vegetables, 25 percent of proteins like chicken, seafood, beef, pork and other proteins. Then the last is 25 percent complex carbohydrates and that will help us to become healthy so we can work on our overall health. I do not have all of the answerers but I have made in back to 200 pounds and the last time I was at this point was in the early nineties. I think it is funny that my son Brad was born in 1990 so it has been awhile because he is now 27, and has a daughter already five years old. When you begin to put things in perspective you can see and focus on your life goals.

My regret in living the Reservation almost three years ago is that I have not been able to watch my granddaughters grow and become their own personalities. I have been to museums and plan to go to sports like the Phillies and maybe catch a Sixers game this year but I still regret not being around my family. I believe God is helping me to get my perspective back and to know what is important. I say embrace your friends and love your family because they are what make life heaven on earth. Be good to others and even when they are not good to you. I try to hold doors for people and I try to work to be a good person. Of course, I fail but it does not stop me from trying to be a helper or servant. I was walking into a store one day and saw a pocket book in the entrance and turned around and saw the lady with groceries and two babies and I picked up the pocket book and yell back to her. I walked up to her and handed it back to her. She told me thank you and went on to say she would not know what she would have done if she lost it for good. That statement gave me a smile and walked on my way to buy some food. Be good to each other no matter what.

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