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Reader Appreciates Platform

Dear LCT,

Thanks for sharing my view/comments. I really enjoy all the words shared from your awesome columnists, reporters, etc.

The words from Denver American Horse are being practices within our circle as in ake wo-unglakin Kte lo


Travis Yabeng

New Mexico

Regarinding Only One Tribal Leader invited to hearing on GOP bill to gut Bears Ears National


JANETTE L DUNDER: Republicans don’t seem to care about antiquities unless they can be sold off to make them and their donors wealthier.

Regarding Recent RST Law Enforcement Meth Arrests on January 6

CANDACE RAY: Good job officers!!! Keep up the good work

MYK HAZE HAYES: Meth brings death

Regarding the Oceti Sakowin Energy Summitt

GYPSY LAKE: Excellance. Intelligent minds coming together to ask important questions on a quest to solve human kinds rudimentary quandry; energy sources and uses balanced with a healthy habitat with a diversity of bacteria, plant, insect, bird, fish, and animal species for optimum earth health. Soil, air, watersheds, sunlight. How to assist the earths natural rhythms and cycles and resist the destructive and secretive bio and geo engineering taking place. Ending man’s disorder and restoring earth’s order so all of life is held in regard.

Regarding Interior Dept. Striking Land Swap Deal With Alaskan Village Through Wildlife Refuge.

LYNNE KOENIGSBERG: What the natives don’t realize ~ the US government is paving the way for ulterior motives ~ drilling! Stop this project before it turns into a nightmare ~ for the people, the many animal species (land and water) and the landscape!

PRINCE ORONO: They mean they withheld necessary reparations, in order to cause a state of duress; which they then capitalized on, to coerce an otherwise unwilling party, to surrender to their demands, as a desperate plea to survive...

Regarding Utah Bill Trampling on Tribal Sovereignty at Bear Ears

BURKE ERICSON: Anyone expecting the GOP to do anything honoring the environment and the preservation of natural beauty will forever be disappointed. It is the party that honors money over people every time

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