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Senator Killer Stepping Down

Slew Of Native Female Candidates Ready To Take On Challenge

Kevin Killer to not seek re-election for District 27 Senate seat. Kevin Killer to not seek re-election for District 27 Senate seat. RAPID CITY – One of Indian Country’s most prominent young legislators is set to vacate his post in the South Dakota State Senate.

In information provided exclusively to LCT, District 27 Senator Kevin Killer, says that he is stepping down from his post to focus on furthering several other projects he has started. LCT will feature an exclusive interview in next week’s issue as he plans to reach out to his constituents to explain his reasoning for moving on.

Luckily, for Native Americans and the democratic party there are multiple female candidates from the reservation communities who have answered the call to run.

“They always ask why Native American people do not vote in this state,” said Kim Killer.

Kim is the sister of Sen. Kevin Killer.

“I tell them, it is because we do not have any candidates running and none of our issues are being talked about,” she said.

A new organization is helping to get out the Native Vote. A new organization is helping to get out the Native Vote. Borrowing from some the strategies used by the Bernie Sanders Campaign, Killer has created a new organization that is promoting Native candidates while encouraging civic participation.

Oyate Kawitaya (People In Unity) is intent on bringing native issues to the center, and on electing Native officials to important positions.

For the District 27 House seat, three Lakota females will compete against each other. Peri Pourier, Nikki Littlewhiteman and Maggie Ross are vying for that seat. While longtime Native American activist Faith Two Eagle and Allison Renville look to fill seats in other parts of the state. Red Dawn Foster and Jim Bradford are both running for the democratic nomination for the District 27 seat left vacant by Killer.

The prevalence of new candidates in the state raises has led to a belief that democrats may possibly flip one, or both, houses come November. Incumbents Troy Heinert and Shawn Bordeaux are also up for reelection in Sicangu Territory. Alli Moran is also looking to be elected by voters in the Cheyenne River area.

Killer says that the need for this type of organization is very necessary as effort by democrats to reach out to Native voters have fallen flat in recent years and that efforts by Native candidates to reach out to other wings of the democratic party have been unsuccessful.

“The logo represents our message. We are united in our vote and in getting the people out to the polls,” she added.

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