2018-08-30 / Voices

Is America being Trumped? Dump Trump, we say

By Hazel Bonner

Let me take a look at not my president Donald Trump, please? Take a look at how he has turned against our entire country supposedly the land of the free and the brave!

First, on immigration. Take kids from their parents at the border. His wife goes to see those kids wearing a tacky green jacket saying something like she doesn’t really care what happens to them. Come on Melania, you really do care, don’t you? Kids taken across this country while their parents were deported. Ignoring a court order to reunite the families. Any judge does not follow the law, any way, right, Donnie? Now Melania is speaking about bullying. Donnie is the biggest cyberbully in this country, right, Melania?

The Kids Count Data Book by the Annie E. Case Foundation (AECF) for 2018 says South Dakota ranks dead last in child deaths, as reported in the Rapid City Journal. But South Dakota has also taken a downward spiral according to AECF, especially in health Care. We ranked 45th in the nation in that area. Still refusing to expand Medicaid to cover so many people and now wanting to override the health care plans of Obama to cover preexisting conditions because of its costs. Yet a tax plan was adopted despite its costs, that benefit the wealthiest in this nation?

Student loans, another area where Donnie wants to penalize average citizens.

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