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2018-08-30 / Voices

Stop With The Hate


Senator McCain passed and many people took to social media, especially people of color, with curse words regarding him, what he stood for and who he was in this world. I am not sure if they saw him on C-SPAN ever and the many times he did stand alone. Like the nursery rhyme “And the cheese stands alone.”

He has stood up against his own policies and saw error of some of his ways. He forgave the government for Agent Orange, forgave the Vietnamese for the torture inflicted upon him while a prisoner of war for 5 years, as they have forgiven him for his role as a pilot in the war. In fact, the only statue of McCain exists in Vietnam where he was captured, along with pictures of his broken body and personal belongings in the museum which was his prison, the Hanoi Hilton.

According to social media though, he is worse than Trump, worse than the devil, he is the geegee man.

Are we that unforgiving of a society we can not remember the good in people? That most people have a good heart, unless they are rotten to the core? He wasn’t a perfect man, he admits that himself, he worked until cancer overtook his brain. Who knows this government probably is the one who gave him brain cancer with Agent Orange.

I didn’t agree with McCain on many things and some things I did. I am neither left or right because both parties make me ill willed to even want to see anything to do with politics on the news and with Trump in office it is no longer politics, it is the WWE meets House of Cards meets The Sopranos, but I do know one thing, no one deserves cancer. No one deserves to fight it and lose. No one should suffer through cancer. In fact we should be able to beat cancer with everything we can do.

When I go I am sure I will be remembered for all the bad things I have ever done. Only my children and my father know me for who I am as a person and maybe one or two auntys. I no longer jump on a soapbox everytime there is something to be an angry Indian about because I am trying to not live in a negative way. I just want to live and I fully understand why my mom pulled out of most circles. She was in for the battle of her life and she didn’t have time to read anything, she only had time for her family.

That is what life is about for me. There are enough people to carry on and fight the good fight. The question however is, what is the good fight? Because if the good fight is expressing how much hatred you have for someone you never met, never talked to, never asked why for anything they did in this life then maybe you have to question who you are as a person. I didn’t know McCain n real life, I didn’t agree with some of the bills he introduced, signed, or didn’t budge on, but I can admire people for having the courage to say and act on their own, which is what I am probably doing now. He was a good man, and I will always remember when he was running against Obama and yet stood up for him at a town hall to tell a lady enough was enough, Obama is a good family man, and this election is not about that. That in a nutshell is his legacy, we are good people and we need to get back to that. Stop running this country on fear mongering, dogma and hatred.

Because if you are going to hate McCain for what he has or hasn’t done for you in his life and after he died, what did Trump ever do for you but give you a reason to kick yourself in the unzeke for not voting?

That’s all, stop with the hate already. It probably causes cancer too.

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