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Council’s Support for OST Constitutional Reform


The Tribal website contains information on the Constitution and can be viewed at The Tribal website contains information on the Constitution and can be viewed at PINE RIDGE—Recent confusion about the creation and support for the Oglala Sioux Tribe’s Constitutional Reform/Revision has prompted a closer look at how this movement came about in 2017 during the Weston/Black Administration.

Many on the OST Council have requested that a fact-based accounting of how the reformation act was initiated and information as to how the tribe actually does support the effort.

OST Council passed a resolution in Spring of 2017 to promote and support the original two person task force team, including the financial support they requested and received.

There seems to be a misunderstanding about the financial support that comes from the OST for the Constitutional Reform leading to some unfortunate assumptions that aren’t conducive to the unity that a reformation movement needs among its people in order to be productive.

Financing was approved for the hiring of the various teams which were comprised of translators sent out into the districts to gather information and surveys. An online survey site was bought and paid for by the OST to conduct online survey taking about the constitution. Media presences was outsourced to different media sites such as K-OLC and KILI radio, paid for through the Aid to Tribal Government which is administered by the OST through the BIA.

These are all facts that are supported by council action and financial records.

On May 30, 2018 during a regular session of the OST council, a motion was made to table the acceptance of 50 amendments presented by the Task Force. The motion was not made to stop the reform effort, merely to create a timeline where the representatives could actually have the time to read the amendments, ask questions, and take the list back to their districts to inform their constituents of what is being presented.

During a Veteran’s radio show over the weekend there was information given out that the motion was the end the reform effort and that prompted a flurry of phone calls, emails and texts with questions as to Council’s alleged decision to end the effort.

This introduction that you are currently reading is leading up to the publication of the next Oglala Lakota Nation newsletter next week that will provide the black and white details of the OST council’s support for the Constitutional Reform effort through a resolution that was passed; financial and logistical support for the task force to hire and train teams of survey presenters, translators and data collectors; and continuing support for the purchase of their own independent website and online survey.

This is meant to clear up some of the confusion and address the concerns that many have expressed about the current information available concerning all of these issues.

Please watch for more information on this matter here in the OLN newsletter inserted into the Lakota Country Times next week in the June 14, 2018 issue.

Karin M. Eagle is a former Editor of the Lakota Country Times. She currently serves as the Media Relations Specialist for the Oglala Sioux Tribe. She can be reaching by email at The Tribal website contains information on the Constitution and can be viewed at

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